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Match-fixing helps to change the course of the outcome of a sporting event in order to gain an unfair outcome and thus an advantage for those who do it and impacts also us the brands/sponsors and our investment towards the sports clubs and athletes.

Match-fixing is not just a public also private. Match-Fixing is an illegitimate action - behaviour between two or more individuals in order to gain illegal profit which creates illegal actions such as money laundering,  tax invasion etc  

Therefore, we as sponsors/brand owners we created the European Observatory for the Macolin Convention and the Fight against Match- FIxing in order to protect our rights, assist the Governmental Bodies and to invest better in sports.


• Independence and neutrality
• Representativeness in participation
• Transparency in management to achieve goals
• Effectiveness
• Democracy in decision making
• Flexibility in response to project specifications and adjustments
• Respect for the autonomy and equality of all members



The purpose of the Observatory, indicative and not restrictive, is:


• monitoring / observe of the MACOLIN Convention implementation in Greece and abroad,

• to conclude agreements with:

  1. international and national sports federations and organizations, and work together to protect the integrity of sports events,

  2. Ministries, public or private entities under law,

  3. the European Union,

  4. International Organizations,

  5. Government agencies and Public Services in general,

  6. local administration bodies of all levels,

  7. Athletic Associations,

  8. Infrastructure representatives,

  9. any other relevant agency/body/organization may wish to optimize Observatory’s scope

  10. with agencies and institutions [educational institutions for example] from both public and private sector related to observatory’s scope

• to promote the collective interests of its members and contribute in the safeguarding of their reputation by combating the manipulation and outcome fixing of sporting events for which bets are received

• to maintain RMF - Reporting Match Fixing, a systematic monitoring/recording on sports betting -especially bets on football matches- with the aim to detect any unusual or suspicious prognosis/bets, in collaboration with its members. 

• to conclude agreements with international and national federations and organizations, and work together to protect the integrity of sporting events

• to conduct studies related to the manipulation of sporting events as it progresses at all levels in Greece and other countries within and outside EU, as well as studies on specific issues arising as a consequence to both society and economy.

• to conduct studies for the consequences of a manipulated sporting event on the socio-economic level for  all parties involved, including in this case, the Intellectual Property (TV rights, brands, etc)

• to submit such studies to the relevant authorities of the European Union, the Council of Europe, local governments, Federations and any other relevant bodies, with a view to improving the legislative framework;

• to calculate the commercial value of trademarks and television rights and weather if  it affects the members of the Observatory (teams, sponsors, etc.)

• to monitor the evolution of the television rights of the sports teams, with regards to subscription tv channels, as it develops at a national level, as well as the initiatives of the teams regarding the use of new technologies and/or activities to monitor them. Specifically, on this subject, the Observatory will cooperate with other organizations related to this subject, so as to jointly develop specific systems and programs for monitoring, R&D and utilization.

• to promote and utilize new technologies so as to achieve Observatory’s scope

• to organize events, informative workshops, conferences and educational programs in order to promote the credibility of sporting events and the values ​​of sports in general

• any other responsibility not explicitly mentioned above but related to the subject in question, either indirectly or directly.


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MACOLIN Convention Here 

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