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Penny Konitsioti

Head of International Affairs 

Attorney at Law MSc

Email: P.Konitsioti @cleansports.net

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Alkis Papantoniou

Head of EU Football Teams 

Attorney at Law PhD

Email: A.Papantoniou@cleansports.net

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Sofia Spanidou 

Head of Subject Development Division

Attorney at Law
Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB)
LLM in Public International Law & LLM in International Sports Law

Email: S.Spanidou@cleansports.net

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Konstantinos Konstantinidis

Scientific Advisor

Sports Management Expert

Email: K.Konstantinidis@cleansports.net

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Eleftheria (Rallou) Drakouli 

Head of Economic and Management Division

LL.M in IP Law, M.Sc. in Management

Stockholm University

Email: Rallou@cleansports.net

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